Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pitbulls, Good Guys & FML

Two posts in one week?? I'm turning into this guy...

As promised, I address the issue I didn't have time to get to on Tuesday: The Good Guy Debate. I also talk about Mike Vick's situation and describe my ultimate FML moment.


Mike Jenkins said...

Vick got screwed over so badly. I don't even believe he was convicted for the actual fighting of dogs, I think the charges were financing the dog fighting operation and letting it happen on his property.
I love how people act as if these pitbulls, if left to their own devices, would normally just get along, and that these bad people are forcing them to fight each other. When in reality, like you said, pitbulls are pretty savage; two wild, unhindered, pitbulls see each other in the street and it's on. In fact most dogs are like that, I watch animal planet, poodles bark at great danes all the time.
Vick just suffered from being the first high profile person to be in that particular situation. It always sucks to be the first to do anything, because there is no precedent to follow, which leaves room for all kinds of BS. Everyone has a gun charge or two, so people aren't that interested and just brush it off; there was no huge uproar to punish T.I.
This society places value on the 'new' and 'exciting', always in search of the new hot button topic. Also, we all know those PETA people are bigger savages than the pitbulls; they love to get their issues seen on all the headlines, no matter whose expense it may come at. So the huge PETA uproar, the public's newly found, media induced, compassion for these 'poor innocent' dogs, and lack of precedent all add up into Vick's rape (no lube) by the Judicial system, metaphorically of course.

Anyway, nice 'blogcast', interesting points of view. p.s. I think blogcast is a terrible word lol; black people always making up words..... smh.

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

Nice guys NEVER get the gold medals
they get left round a couple dozen
rose pedals
I'm more towards cookin for folks to cope, till they turn
they nose yellow
I can't cop a silver or bronze
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in the jacket like ya nigga's the Fonz
no different than our brothers n
sisters in arms, wit triggers and bombs
I gotta fix up the block
ock , they gotta fix up Islam
I'm ashamed I gotta pitch snort to little dudes
guess i'll pay the consequences when them pitch forks is
anything u need I can get it in five minutes
but in my mind its really 300 seconds
caz the deal's done before them pigs start oinkin' and squealin'
for me to point to the ceilin'
so they could have me joined in concealment