Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mail Time, Malik & Marcus Garvey

Last week's entertaining blogcast garnered a number of interesting responses, especially from my female audience. The response above was provided by my homey Gibbz, who you can check out here.

For today's blogcast, I spend a majority of the time relaying the feedback I received in response to the numerous questions we raised last week. I also raise the question of interracial dating, and ask for your feedback. (And you guys were really responsive last week, so let's do it again, shall we?)


Just Kimmies said...

Interracial dating is a real touchy subject for some people, but for me its really not that big of a deal.

I don't see myself personally in the near future dating someone outside of my race, particularly someone who is Caucasian (that tends to be the race that most ppl think about in terms of "interracial dating.") I do believe in black love. I love to see black couples together and feel there is a certain connection that may not be achieved with someone outside the black community. There is a common struggle that we face and its something that binds us together. But that is not to say that I don't ever forsee myself dating outside my race. If I happen to find a white guy attractive, we click and I can vibe with him then I am going to date him. I'm not going to society drive that decision. Now marrying a man outside my race that is something entirely different. At the moment I don't see it happening, but truly love comes in some strange packages and if I find that in a white man I may run with it. That is left to be seen.

The only issue I truly have with interracial dating is when people limit themselves to only dating outside their race. Like if a black dude only dates white chicks or a black chick only dates white dudes. You are closing yourself off from a good majority of what could be good men or women. I feel it shows a very closed minded mentality. There are many reasons why some people exclude themselves from dating someone in their own race, but I just do not feel that those reasons are sufficient enough to exclude myself from black men.

Well I think that is all I will say about this for now...I might be back with some more thoughts later in the wk...

udee said...

Dont limit yourself

People, at the end of the day, are just people.

Dara said...

provocative post kid.

I recently posted a comment addressing the issue on another site...

basically though, co-sign with Kim.

The only real issue I have personally is when anyone dates one race exclusively or denies their own. Granted, you can have your "type" but I don't feel that's necessarily tied to race because someone could easily have all the character traits of the person you consider your type w/out the look. I just don't feel that you should pigeon-hole yourself.

I read some comments to your post that said that if a woman dates black men and only black men that's just preference, while that's true, I find it hard to believe that situation reversed, they'd be comfortable with a black man who dates only white (or Asian or Hispanic) women.

I know a lot of Black females who still feel bothered when they are walking down the street and see a particularly successful brother with a white female; but I think most of that resentment has more to do with an outdated mentality from the 90s when it seemed to be an epidemic of Black males denying their own race and then trying to justify it by saying we were too dramatic or difficult or whatever. I feel that today, interracial dating has more to do with the personality of a person and shared interests. (maybe im just optimistic) But as Blacks continue to climb the social ladders and more and more of us are raised in suburbs and school districts that are predominantly white it makes sense that certain folk would be more attracted to someone who shared those experiences.

Anyway, I love Black love and Black men and although I have a certain affinity for them, I have and am open to people outside the race.

-This is a movement, don't be sedentary.