Thursday, March 26, 2009

Throwback Thursdays: Baby feat. Clipse - What Happened To That Boy (2002)

"UGGHHH! Another soul lost/ Had to make his shirt match my ox blood-colored Porsche"
I remember this beat being pretty addictive at the time when it came out. Ironic that Clipse was featured on this record, considering that it was basically the Southern version of this. Of course, the Neptunes produced both of them.

Baby, who by all accounts is a terrible rapper, decided for whatever reason to feature two brand-new, hungry rappers on his lead single. Of course, he had the worst verse. The third verse was the best one, no doubt, and Pusha T's verse also had the most memorable lines (or is that Malice? I can never really tell those two apart).

A few funny things about this video. First off, besides the completely head-scratching Roy Jones, Jr. cameo, did you guys see Lil' Wayne? I forgot he was even in this video, but it was definitely a welcome surprise. Forget the fact that he had probably half the tattoos he has now, and that he didn't yet have that ridiculous lip stud. Seeing him in a throwback Hawks jacket and fitted was a wide contrast to the way he dresses now.

Another thing is, after the song ends, what the hell is Baby Birdman talking about?? He says something along the lines of "Aye Pharrell, dig this shit, nigga. A thousand pieces, puzzle, a hundred, you know. Let's get this money." I have no idea what that means. It kinda reminds me of his random adlibs in this Lil' Wayne song in which he instructs Weezy to "put your feet down and your nuts on the concrete, and let's roll."

Speaking of Birdman and Wayne, they currently have this song out, which I this is dope, but I was told that it's like a year or two old, and that is was some dated mixtape material. Whatever... Baby hasn't had a song in years. He's not even in Wayne's videos anymore. I wonder if they had a falling out...? Or maybe Wayne just got tired of "kissing his daddy." Who knows.

Sidebar: This is probably the most homoerotic cover for a hip-hop magazine I've ever seen.

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