Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Young Girls, Hipsters & Special Announcements

The characters shown above would be a perfect example of what you would classify as "hipsters". My question is, when did this all become so cool??

I touch on the subject of hipster rap, and also discuss the apparent need to find women at a young age (or, women of a young age).

Also, I share a very special, exclusive announcement...

Shout out to Nick V. and LU.


Buzz Killington said...

I think Lupe Fiasco was the first person to bring that specific look into prominence. I think the main difference between Lupe and some of these guys is that the hipsters carry it like "I'm cool because I'm different." Lupe, and a lot of the rappers I bang with (pause) in general are more like "I'm gonna do my thing, and f*ck what anyone else has to say about it" which is actually what's cool. Also I feel sometimes like these guys are spoiled brats, not necessarily their fault though. In the 90s cats used to GRIND, like seriously grind, before they even got signed. Jay was rapping since the late 80s, and didn't release his first album until 1994. Same with BIG, Luda sold CDs out of his trunk for a minute before he blew up. Now it's like, "OK, I got bars, so where are my fans?" I've gotten this vibe from hearing these cats interview, and stuff like Kid Cudi retiring after he has like one sorry single confirms this.

LU the Musician said...

so now everybody wants to be weird. being weird ain't no walk in the park, bitch. fake weirdos are gonna get exposed just like fake gangstaz used to get exposed. 'day and night' is kinda cute though.