Thursday, November 5, 2009

The "Daddy" Complex

So, while I was driving back home from Atlanta this evening I was listening to Tupac's Makaveli's classic album The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, which was also the last album he released before he died. As I was riding out, one of the songs caught my attention. Track number 7, which you can listen to here, is called "Just Like Daddy."

Anyway, the song got me thinking. What does he mean when he says he's just like Daddy? The girl he's talking about in the song is a woman who's neglected at home, whose father died when she was young, and who gets the love she desires from her boyfriend/ jumpoff/ whatever Tupac is represent. Given the context clues (hip-hop is educational), I assume what he means is that their romantic relationship is her substitute for the father-daughter relationship she never had.

Then, my mind took it a step further. I wondered if this is kinda what it means when a girl refers to her boyfriend as "daddy" or gives a man this paternal nickname in bed. Is she really saying that she wants him to be the father she never had (through the use of his d*ck)??

I've always been fascinated by the "daddy" complex, or concept, or what have you... Well, maybe not fascinated, but considering that I've never experienced it first-hand, I've always wondered how weird it would be if a girl called me "daddy" in bed. Would I be creeped out? Would I just stop what I was doing?? Would I ...*gulp*... like it?

I also wondered what would spur a woman to call a non-related man "daddy", especially in a sexual setting. Is it like some weird Freudian thing that I don't really get?

Suffice it to say, I still don't really get it. I know I've asked girls this question before, and most of them say they also think it's weird and that they've never called anyone "daddy". Of course, someone had to have done it, or else we never even would have heard of this practice. Maybe some of the girls I asked have said it before, but they're too embarrassed to admit it. I suppose I'll never really get to the bottom of the issue until I experience it for myself and someone calls me "daddy"...

What do you think?


Johnson said...

Personally I would never want a girl to call mr daddy but I have had women/ girls view me as such. If you go out with any woman that lacks a good solid father figure like it or not ur goin to be "daddy" bcuz she has nothing to compare this position. Most guyz have mother figures soo we don't view women as moms cuz u already hav a vision of ur mom in ur head. Some women lack that image & also the avenue to have father figures like having a coach, advisor, teacher, teammate or cowrkr. A woman could rarely find a father figure who wouldn't want to take that for an advantage. Only rare istance is like a track coach or basketball coach but those females like women anyways.

A woman also calls a man daddy bcuz she wants to c how nurturing a man can be to her which would transition to her children. She tries to mold you into a father figure soo you don't jet at the sight of offspring.

Last but not least some women r just ho's n they call a man anything bcuz of the cultural influence. It's too soon to say I love him lemme c how he handled mr calling him daddy. Siiiigh, "Dadddddiiieee" n that's wen I leave. All three of these women r messed up in the head but wit time u could get to know em, maybe love em.

Anonymous said...

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lujwangana2000 said...

Am totally lost Joel.