Thursday, February 19, 2009

Throwback Thursdays: Cam'Ron feat. Ma$e - Horse & Carriage (1998)


Hard to believe this song is over ten years old, and, of course, it makes me feel like an old head. But forget about how much it reminds me that I'm growing up too fast. How about the fact that Cam sounds nothing like this anymore??

This record comes off his debut album Confessions of Fire, which is heat rock to the third degree. As is the case with most debut albums, he went hard, presumably because he had something to prove as a rap rookie. For further proof, listen to this. Of course, as the success and the money started to come in, Killa Cam went from that to this. No surprise, really; this happens all the time in hip-hop.

Another interesting note is that Cam'Ron was still making records with Rev. Betha at the time, which would probably never happen today. After Ma$e hung up his shiny suit and decided to become a pastor, Cam and his boy Jim Jones claimed that he got ran out of Harlem by some thugs that he had problems with. ("Is dat you, Beffa?!?") Long story short, I doubt these former Children of the Corn have each other's number on speed dial.

Unfortunately, Ma$e is not featured in this video, but it does have a whole bunch of cameos, including Tyson Beckford, Noreaga, Styles P and Fatman Scoop. My favorite, though, is when Jimmy shows up on stage next to Cam at the 1:45 mark. I mean, I know he always looks super scruffy, but that look he was rockin' back in '98 was something else. He looks like a bootleg Snoop with that ridiculous perm.

Cam'Ron had a falling out with his Diplomats crew, and even disappeared for a while, causing people to question where he was. He recently reappeared, claiming that he was in Miami taking care of his mother, who had suffered from a stroke. He's also rapping again, and has this provocative new video that I thought was a really cool concept. Look out for Crime Pays, which is scheduled to drop in April. But we all know how reliable hip-hop album release dates are.

Of course, no matter what Cam does for the rest of his career, nothing will compare to his classic appearance on The Sly Fox channel. YOU MAD?!?

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